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The Good, Bad, Loud, and Violent

I could feel it the moment I walked into the stadium. Big money, high stakes, and testosterone. The choreography of the day rivaled that of the best Broadway musical. From start to finish each second of the NFL game was … Continue reading

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Two Countries

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Okay, so I borrowed that first line. But it was. And it is. Some things are universal. History repeats itself. Over and over. In the last six weeks … Continue reading

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Just One More Step

Standing high on a hill on the banks of the Ohio River, looking across at the state of Kentucky, history was coursing through my veins filling me with a sense of time past and time present. As both crowded my … Continue reading

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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet . . .

The whole world is aflutter with tweets these days. Some attacking, some informing. Some bullying, some encouraging. Some transparent, others obfuscating. Some trolling, some genuine. Many purposefully attracting attention.  Those written to garner headlines unfortunately never fail to do so, … Continue reading

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Local Love

“There will be a price adjustment on that for you.” “Why?” I asked, not completely understanding. “Because it wasn’t exactly as I thought it should be,” the local proprietor replied.  “Oh don’t worry,” I said, very pleased with how everything … Continue reading

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The Gift of Time

“Your flight into Newark has been delayed four hours. Air Traffic Control issues. Too many planes and not enough space.”What? Too many planes? Do the controllers not know how to count or is this a new version of too many … Continue reading

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Every Step of the Way

This is the most sacred week of the year for Jews and Christians. It is the week of Passover for Jews and Holy Week for Christians – a week when Jews decide if they will walk with Moses and other … Continue reading

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“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”So began Lady Gaga’s dazzling half-time Super Bowl performance. And so ends the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America. Not coincidentally, this phrase lies at the heart … Continue reading

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What’s In There?

Rogue One, the latest in the Star Wars series, was released just in time for holiday viewing. Like all Star Wars movies, this one did not disappoint – complete with holograms, space battles, laser fights, and this time Computer Generated Images … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas

This week, Christians around the world find themselves in the final countdown to Christmas. The last candle on the Advent wreath is lit and we’re nearing the end of our pop-up Advent calendars. If we haven’t finished decorating, gift buying, … Continue reading

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